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Your credit record is the tale of your financial behaviour. Let’s make it a good one. Get free access to your credit record, correct mistakes and improve your chances of a ‘yes’ from lenders.

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Once upon a time, banks ruled the world. To decide who they’d lend to, and how much, they’d run a credit check.
Managed by companies known as ‘credit bureaus’, they were a permanent record of your financial behaviour.  If there was a mistake on your record, or you made a few bad decisions when you were younger, your credit score could damage your access to finance. Believe it or not, most lenders still use these outdated systems. We’re here to make things fairer.

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Check your credit score

Check your credit scoreAccess your credit record, see what lenders see, and take steps to improve your score.


The industry doesn’t always get it right. We’ll help you spot mistakes with your record, and fix them.


If someone accesses your record without you knowing, we’ll send you an alert.

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We’re an independent third-party Fintech business. Our mission is to make it easy for you to access and understand your credit record. We’ll also help you stick to positive financial behaviours, so when you apply for credit, you’re in the best shape possible. We’re completely free for consumers to use.

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When it comes to improving your credit score, it pays to stick to good behaviours. Here are a few ways you can improve your credit record.

1. Stick to your plan

If you have a repayment schedule with a lender or utility company, be sure not to miss any payments.

2. Keep your details up to date

If you move house, or change contact details, be sure to update all your service providers to reduce the risk of identity fraud or missed communications.

3. Use credit to your advantage

Gain insights into your spending habits, how you compare to your peers and learn how to improve your standing by using credit to your advantage.

4. Don’t panic

If you do find yourself with debt you can’t pay, don’t just ignore it. Most lenders can help you work out a repayment schedule that makes things easier. Even if your debt does end up with a debt collection service, working with them can still have a positive effect on your credit rating.


Request a ban

If you believe that you are a victim of identity theft or fraud, you can ban access to your credit file.

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My credit report

Access your credit report anytime without having to jump through hoops.

Access your credit report anytime without having to jump through hoops.

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Request an amendment

If you believe the information about you on your credit file is incorrect, we can help guide you to get it fixed.

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