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TaleFin is creating better relationships between consumers and credit providers. We're here to give accurate representations of financial behaviours, to create a more human focused industry that gives everyone a fair go.

Are you an individual looking to access finance products? We help you take control of your credit score.

You gain the advantage over your competition by using TaleFin’s comprehensive reporting and modern data models. TaleFin is redefining credit worthiness.

Credit Reporting Australia

Innovating financial data insights

Creating a better informed more human industry. We're redefining credit worthiness to responsibly give everyone a fair go. We are the home of fair credit reporting.

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We’re changing the way credit works for you

A clearer picture

With access to one of the largest pools of privacy compliant consumer and business data in Australia, we share unbiased, real-time snapshots of financial behaviour.

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We give people the chance to access their own credit record, better understand how it works, securely correct any errors and help prevent fraud.

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Better-informed decision making gives lenders the confidence to say ‘yes’ more often, and consumers more control over their financial wellbeing.

Just some of the companies that trust Talefin:

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More confidence.

Our intelligent tools give lenders a more accurate snapshot of financial behaviour. Combining a wide range of the latest data sources, we find, enhance and validate detailed consumer and business data, to help you move forward with confidence.

Fair Credit Reporting Australia
for individuals

Control and improve your credit score

A positive credit score is your key to accessing personal finance products. We make it easy to access, understand and verify the tale of your financial behaviour – the record lenders use to determine rates and approve finance.

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Fair credit reporting is all about open communication. If you’ve got a question, or want to see how we can help you make a difference and keep life moving, get in touch.

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