Privacy Policy

The privacy policy governs how we collect, use and secure personal information and how we comply with the Privacy Act.

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Credit Reporting Policy

As some of the information we collect is used to make decisions about providing credit to consumers, we are required to adhere to the relevant sections of the Privacy Act and the Credit Reporting Code.

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Terms & Conditions

Above and beyond the relevant privacy legislation, our customers are required to adhere to the relevant terms and conditions.

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Consumer Access Portal
Terms & Conditions

Consumers who wish to review and manage their credit information may do so provided they adhere to the consumer access portal terms and conditions.

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Credit reportING

Annual Report

TaleFin produces an annual report containing a range of statistics as defined in the Credit Reporting Code. Download the relevant financial year report below.

Credit Reporting Agencies Australia
CR Code Compliant Report

Compliance Report

TaleFin undergoes audits to ensure we remain compliant with all current regulations.

Consumer Data Right

CDR Policy

Consumer data rights ensure that consumers have access to and control over their own personal data. These rights include the right to access, delete, modify, and opt out of data collection and processing. Companies should ensure that their data collection and processing practices are transparent and adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in order to protect consumers from exploitation.