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Everyone’s story is different. That’s why one size never fits all. A financial data provider fit for the 21st Century, we recognise individuality and champion positive relationships between consumers and businesses.​
Working directly with consumers, we enable the co-creation of clear, current, reliable tales of financial behaviours.​ As a result, we help guide better-informed decision making, giving lenders the confidence to say ‘yes’ more often.

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With access to one of the largest pools of privacy compliant consumer and business data in Australia, we share unbiased, real-time snapshots of financial behaviour.

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We give people the chance to access their own credit record, better understand how it works, securely correct any errors and help prevent fraud.

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Better-informed decision making gives lenders the confidence to say ‘yes’ more often, and consumers more control over their financial wellbeing.

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TaleFin is changing credit reporting for the better. With our focus on comprehensive reporting and transparency, our unique data set, live updates and focus on consumer engagement empowers consumers to take control of their credit wellbeing and business to make better faster decisions.

TaleFin will help with the guest list, get the snacks and set up for the party. And after the party's done, we even stay back to help with the clean up. Now that’s a win/win.

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