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TaleFin is here to help, we are the home of fair credit reporting. Our aim is to create a human focused financial services industry, help improve relationships between consumers and credit providers, and deliver more accurate up to date data, to represent financial behaviour.

Request a ban

I am a victim of ID theft

If you believe that you are a victim of identity theft or fraud, you can ban access of any lenders to your credit file on all credit reporting agencies in Australia.  Please note that this ban will impair the ability for lenders to assess your creditworthiness, and will likely restrict your access to credit.  

Consequently a ban will only be temporary, and you can also apply for extensions or for a ban to be lifted early.  If you register your ban with TaleFin, we will stay in touch via email to ensure that you are always up to date with the status of your ban.

Please note that only you are able to place a ban on your file.  For security reasons we will require you to verify your identity prior to accepting the ban.

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My credit report

Access my credit file

TaleFin is the only Australian credit reporting agency that allows you to directly access your credit file at any time without jumping through hoops, simply register with us and then you can:

- Request your credit file at any time.

- If you think that data has been loaded in error, and your credit provider is unable or unwilling to correct it, you can request corrections to your file.

- Whenever your file is accessed, TaleFin will let you know.

- If you are a victim of fraud or identity theft, you can ban access to your credit file.  This will limit your exposure to any new credit applications against your stolen identity.

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Request an amendment

My credit file is wrong

If you believe that information about you has been provided in error, you should first contact your lender.  They are required to correct any information that they have provided to TaleFin in error.

If your lender is unable or unwilling to correct your file, simply register with TaleFin to view your file and highlight issues that you have with it. When you apply to make a correction, we will investigate the cause of the problem and report the outcome of the investigation back to you. For more information, please review our Credit Reporting Policy.

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Find out more

Only you may request a copy of your own credit report.
For security reasons, you will be asked to verify your identity prior to receiving a copy of your TaleFin credit report.
For more information about how your data is collected, used and disclosed, please see our Credit Reporting Policy.

Feedback and Complaints

TaleFin is always looking to grow and evolve, we appreciate any feedback you may have on our system. Please feel free to use the options below to lodge any general feedback or formal complaints about our product with us.
We will endeavour to respond to every message in a timely fashion.
Thank you.

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